How to Install Pull-Out Corner Storage

In this guide, we show you how to install a pull-out corner storage unit. The key with this installation is to ensure the sliding mechanism is put together properly before you begin. Once you have this, everything else is fairly straightforward.


  1. First, put together the sliding mechanism, placing the smaller square inside the larger frame. Screw the end fixings into place.

  2. Place this finished frame onto the back wall of the cupboard and screw into place.

  3. Place the second section of runner into the cupboard and affix to the cupboard side wall, 7mm from the edge.

  4. Pull the slider out of the cupboard to give you access, and stretch the metal arm back in to attach to the slider on the back wall. This can be screwed into place.
  5. Screw the fixings to the cupboard door using the measurements specified in the instruction manual.

  6. Once these are in place, fix onto the main sliding mechanism inside the cupboard.

  7. Place the basket shelving inside of the cupboard on the sliding mechanism. These affix to the frame using hooks.

  8. Place the basket shelving on the section of framework that comes out of the cupboard.

  9. Slide the door back into place

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