How to fit a sliding door

Installing sliding doors on a wardrobe can seem like a really complicated, daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be. It’s simply about ensuring you measure the doors and opening accurately, and take the operation step by step. The first part of the job is to lay track along the bottom of your wardrobe; the second is to affix track to the top. Then you simply affix top guides to the top of the doors, and wheels to the bottom, and place the doors on the track.

Does it all still sound too daunting for you? Follow our simple eight-step guide and wow everyone with how easy you make it look.

  1. First, measure the door space, and lay track along the full length of the opening. You can use a hacksaw to cut the track to the right length if required. Use a 4mm drill bit to drill holes at 200-300mm apart Then use an 8mm drill bit to drill part way through each hole to create a countersink. Screw the track down all the way along the length.

  2. For doors up to 18mm thick, place the second track directly against the existing track. For doors over 18mm thick, adjust the space between tracks accordingly. Fit the second track in the same way as the first.

  3. Repeat this process with the top tracks, ensuring they are aligned with the bottom tracks.

  4. Bring in your first door, and screw the top guide into position. There should be 22mm from the top of the door to the centre hole, and the top guide should be 10-40mm from the side of the door. Repeat this with the second top guide.

  5. Screw the bottom wheels in place at the base of the door. These can be adjusted for easier fitting and alignment.

  6. Place the door on the tracks. The top and bottom fixings can be adjusted to help you align it. Use the centre screw in the top fixings to enable adjustment of the sliding plastic piece for a perfect fit.

  7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for your remaining doors – remember that the second door should go on the second track!

  8. Fit the stopper clips to ensure the doors come to a smooth stop and stay closed. These slow down the travel of the door to a smooth stop.

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