How to Install Wardrobe Railing Storage

In this guide, we show you how to install wardrobe railing storage. This looks really effective when complete, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes with a little attention to detail.

  1. Measure 250mm from the back wall of the wardrobe on each side and screw the feet into position here.

  2. Install the aluminium pole and ensure it is parallel to the top, then screw the other end to the wall of the wardrobe.

  3. Next install the hanger rod, using a spirit level to ensure it is level.

  4. Install the shelf holders above the hanger rod and screw the hanger rod into place on the wall of the wardrobe.

  5. Shelf holders can now be installed on the aluminium poles and wardrobe walls accordingly, with additional hanger rods if required.

  6. Place the shelves in position on the shelf holders and screw into place.

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